Godtier Wings Tutorial

Or I guess just wings in general idk

People have been asking me how I made my Godtier Nepeta wings since I posted my finished picture a few days ago, so I decided I’d go ahead and make a tutorial.


  • Large Cardboard box (I used the box my dressform came in)
  • Box cutter 
  • pencils
  • two cans of white spray paint
  • three bottles of acrylic paint 
  • organza 
  • rubber cement 
  • sand paper

Step One (after taking apart the box):

Sketch outer design on cardboard. I don’t have a picture for this but I because I’m shit at making things even, I went ahead and did only one first. After I cut out the first one I placed it on the cardboard and sketched around it to make sure they’d be even

Step Two:

cut out.

BE CAREFUL. You’re going to most likely be using a box cutter for this and it can get really dangerous! The cardboard I used was pretty thick and even though I prefer it like that, it was really stupidly frustrating to cut out. What I did was make a basic slice around the sketch, then basically sawed through after I was done with the initial outline cut. IT’S SUPER EASY TO CUT YOUR FINGERS WHILE DOING THIS. I managed to escape unharmed but PLEASE BE CAREFUL. You may get frustrated but you must stay patient or you will hurt yourself!

This is what they looked like after step two

Step Three: 

Sketch the inside design and cut.
Again, safety is the number one priority because this is even worse than doing the outside

Step Four:

Sanding. Because the edges were pretty rough I opted to do this to make them smoother. Again, time consuming but this part was really easy and just generally improved the look of the edges.

Step Five:

Spray paint primer. I’m not patient enough to hand paint a primer layer so I just bought two cans of cheap white spray paint and did two coats on each side

Step Six:

Painting. To get the colour that I wanted for Nepeta I ended up buying two bottles of a light green and one of a darker green and mixed the two. I would suggest two layers of this, as well

(after this picture was taken I sanded the edges a little more before painting over them)

Step Seven:

Adding the fabric. I got really lucky with this part, as- even though I’m not particularly fond of the look of it- I was ready to use cellophane to cover them. But I was grocery shopping one day and just happened across organza that was the perfect shade of green- at Walmart. I would seriously suggest using organza because I personally am in love with the way it looks so I definitely suggest looking high and low for what you want! You never know where you may find it!

To attach the fabric I used elmer’s rubber cement, just kind of on a whim. It can be painted on so I cut out a rectangle of the fabric and laid it over the base and proceeded to paint the cement on ONLY around the outside edges, then pressed it down with my fingers to secure it for sure. Once it was dry I went ahead and did another layer, just in case. 

After that I cut around the edges of the base, leaving a little bit to hang over the edge

Step Eight:

Attaching. This can get kind of difficult and by the time I got to this point I was in the hotel the day before the Con and had no idea what I was doing. 

I just measured to where I wanted them to sit on my shoulders and hot glued strips of spare fabric to the front. The bottoms of mine also kept falling in toward each other so, knowing my rogue cape would cover it, I went ahead and glued another strip to the top to keep that from happening (I really wish I had a picture of this to explain better ah)

(wow please excuse the picture we were in the hotel and I was 100% done with wearing a bra and am half in pyjamas)

Step Nine:

cosplaying. You’re going to need a friend’s help if you attach them like I did! Unfortunately, I had no help when I changed which I’m pretty upset about because I had to accept the fact that you were going to see the straps, but oh well. 

You’re going to want to cut slits into your costume at the shoulder blades. Slide the straps through the holes and put your arms through the straps and sleeves at the same time, then pull the costume on all the way. Idk how else to describe this have a friend help you.

This is how they photograph:

TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST I was looking for the fastest and cheapest way to make these, as I wanted to cosplay gt Nepeta at a Con two weeks or so after the update happened. But I expected the wing design to change shape so I didn’t want to spend a shit ton of money on something that wasn’t going to stay canon, so this happened

But now I’m stupidly happy with how they look fuck

Anyway I hope this helped somehow. idk I tried and people asked so here it is. I had no idea what I was doing the entire time I was making these so I’m gomen 

If you have any other questions just ask I’ll try to explain to the best of my ability. It’s 3am this is the only time this is getting done

Have fun or something